The Nemechek Navigator App is the latest resource for parents using The Nemechek Protocol® to treat children with autism or other developmental disorders. The protocol is based on the latest scientific understanding that if high levels of neuroinflammation are suppressed, the nervous system can restore neurological function.

The Nemechek Protocol® evolved from my work treating adults with chronic autonomic dysfunction. Its scientific foundation and proven results over 20 years earned it a U.S. Patent in 2020.

My first use of The Nemechek Protocol® to treat autism was in 2015. A patient asked me to see her 3-year-old non-verbal girl with regressive autism. This young patient experienced rapid, dramatic improvement and was nearly neurotypical nine months after starting the protocol. The word was out. Soon, parents from all over the area brought their autistic children to my office. I later posted “How I treat autism” on my blog, and soon parents everywhere began to recover their children with is this safe, natural, drug-free protocol.

The positive impact of The Nemechek Protocol® on autism continued to spread like wildfire on social media around the globe. The crush of parent questions about the treatment led to my publication of The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders in 2017. This book was eventually translated into 15 different languages, official and pirated. I published an updated and much expanded  2nd edition in 2021.

The Nemechek Navigator App makes it easier than ever to find the answers to the questions parents have in confronting the complexity of treating autism in their children. New features of the app now include a Child Progress Tracker, Parent Chat Room, the ability to share a question-and-answer pair, and search results, even with non-subscribers.   Give yourself the chance to explore the Nemechek Navigator App with the Free-Trial offer.

Patrick M. Nemechek D.O.