When to stop Monthly Rifaxamin

My daughter had a quick response/awakening but then abruptly disappeared? Could this be from inulin not controlling the overgrowth quickly returning?

My son is having upset stomach and has on daily rifaximin? What does this mean?

How do I know when we can switch from monthly Rifaximin to dosing as needed?

Is it ok to take psyllium husk powder in protocol?

My child play skills hasn’t really improved much over 3.5 years since protocol inception, lacks imagination & role play . He plays the same way & it seems to be a form of visual stimming for him , I know not to fixate on stimming but in our case it’s really getting in the way of progress I feel. We are already on continuous rif plus inulin, plus PHGG plus mestinon plus tvns

My son seems to have reverted back to not chewing food. He was chewing fine before starting on the protocol, but three months later after getting the correct brand of fish oil, he doesn’t chew on his food anymore. Does it even have anything to do with the awakening?

Does glutamine interact with other medications such as risperidone, antipsychotic, or epilepsy medication?

No it does not. If you are ever concerned about interactions of any supplement or medication with another, always ask the prescribing physician.

Can immunoglobulin G (IgG) be taken with the protocol? Will it be helpful?

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) supplementation in the context of the Nemechek Protocol is not specifically mentioned in the available documents. However, there is a warning against the use of probiotics during or after the use of inulin, a component of the Nemechek Protocol. This caution is due to the potential for probiotics to disrupt the balance of gut bacteria that the protocol aims to achieve. As the primary goal of the Nemechek Protocol is to balance gut bacteria, introducing foreign substances like probiotics could be counterproductive and may worsen the overall blend of intestinal bacteria【12†source】.nnSince IgG is not a probiotic but an immune system component, its interaction with the protocol is not directly addressed. However, considering the protocol’s sensitivity to additional substances that might affect gut bacteria balance, it would be prudent to consult a healthcare professional familiar with your health history and the specifics of the Nemechek Protocol before combining IgG supplementation with the protocol.