Why do some people need more than 5 minutes of VNS a day?

The dosage of electrical stimulation can vary greatly depending on the individual’s age and the medical condition we are trying to improve. While all children are treated with identical stimulation parameters, my adult patients use tVNS with various settings based on several factors that I consider as their doctor.   The electrical stimulation parameters vary by intensity, frequency, and timing of electricity cycling on and off and total time on the device per twenty-four-hour period. The variables for VNS treatments include amperage, bandwidth, frequency (Hz), the cycling pattern (off/on), and the clip’s position on the ear. nnThe vast majority of children and young adults less than thirty years of age will only require five minutes of continuous transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation per day. At the proper settings, five minutes of tVNS is enough to significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body for at least twenty-four hours.

You often prescribe VNS for 5 minutes a day for children. If I use it longer will that improve recovery?

Although five minutes of VNS per day seems insignificant, it has the potential to lower systemic inflammation for 24-36 hours.  The need to increase tVNS to more than five minutes per day rarely occurs in children under twenty.  If there is no significant improvement within this age group, the cause of no neurological improvement is likely due to a relapse of intestinal bacteria overgrowth rather than the tVNS not being effective.  This scenario would need to be addressed with another round of rifaximin, initiating cyclic or continuous rifaximin, or if the patient is on inulin, I consider it to be inulin failure, and I replace inulin with rifaximin.  Again, I always look for an external factor such as an intensely stressful situation, supplements, homeopathic remedies, or a probiotic that might be preventing or masking recovery.nnNOTE: There is an exception to the five minutes of tVNS per day rule in children under twenty-five. Parents will often notice that after just five minutes of tVNS, their child may experience a prolonged calming effect that can last for a few hours.  In these cases, I suggest the tVNS be used at least once daily to control inflammation and an additional two to three five-minute increments as needed to control anxiety. 

I know you don’t like giving vitamins or other supplements to children just in case, what about if their pediatrician has prescribed them? For example what about Vitamin D or iron?

I am not against the use of vitamins and minerals if there is laboratory evidence they are required, such as is commonly the case when the pediatrician prescribes vitamin D or supplemental iron. I am very much against the broad application of various supplements that are being used “just in case” or because someone else’s child seemed to do better on them.

Are multi-vitamins ok to use?

It is improbable that anyone is deficient in every mineral and vitamin, so I prefer that people have lab-certified blood work done to determine any deficiencies and supplement only what is needed. Additionally, I prefer vitamins to come from food sources instead of some abstract pill that may not contain what is advertised on the label.

Do you suggest giving our kids the vitamins when they get ill?

No. Supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc are mistakenly believed to boost immune function. They do not. Reassurance, rest, fluids, medication for high fever are all that is needed for most common childhood illnesses.

Can we use vitamins if there is a certified deficiency?

I recommend that my patients get their vitamins and minerals from food. Most of the mild deficiencies found in lab work are generally due to malabsorption, and the inulin or rifaximin both result in repair of the intestinal tract and normalization of absorption. Exceptions would be supplementation for significant B12, iron deficiencies, or kids with folate-receptor antibody issues.

I have a drink that has vitamins in it and it’s the only drink my son will accept other than water. Can I still give him the protocol in that drink?


How to choose the right setting on a Vitality Smartcable stimulator?

The Vitality Smartcable is designed to run at 10 v for all children. Use this link to down load a user guide – https://nemechektechnologies.shop/pages/vitality-smartcable-user-guide

How often can you use Vitality Smartcable?

The Vitality Smartcable can be used up to 4 times daily in adults. In children, I have not seen it beneficial beyond only twice daily.