We have been successfully using the protocol for a few months but recently we are noticing a sudden increase in anxiety/aggression that seems to be getting worse. What is happening? Is this a relapse?

There are a number of issues that can trigger a worsening of anxiety and aggression that will need to be addressed in order to get recovery back on track. The worsening is usually due to an emotional or physical stressor and is obvious (e.g., a change in schools or housing) to the parent. Occasionally, the cause is difficult to identify because the child is not able to communicate their pain or discomfort. Problems such as dental pain (cavities, impacted molars, etc.), allergic reactions, infections, or allergic reactions can cause an increase in negative behaviors.nThere may be an obvious trigger like a head injury or stressful event but in many cases, the child needs a medical or dental examination to find the cause. The most common hidden trigger I see in my office is dental issues. Getting dental x-rays and having your child assessed by a professional is the recommended course of action. Please see the included checklist for common triggers.

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